CSR Dialogue Forum

The CSR Dialogue Forum is an international non-profit organization accredited by the United Nations and in the consultative status. The organization sees itself as the driving force for a new way of doing business, exerting influence and contributing to a useful social change. The Association has the purpose to promote topics of sustainable economy and corporate responsibility and be regarded as the organization bringing science and practice together. We are an international network company that brings togehter people from all over the world and focus business excellence.

"Quality to the inside, responsibility to the outside."

The CSR Dialogue Forum and Quality Austria are cooperation partners and developed together the first international Quality Seal for Excellence in Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility . It is based on a combination of the international standards and regulations ISO 26000, ISO 14001, ONR 192500, SA 8000, SR 10, GRI 4, AA 1000, OECD Guidelines for Multinationals, UN Global Compact and the EFQM-Model.

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